Our translation services are usually bundled with other services (i.e. product localization) which we provide to our clients as part of a complete service for business ventures in China.

We provide following translation services:

  • trade conferences;
  • trade agreements;
  • corporation agreements;
  • product information and documentation, i.e. user manuals;
  • website localization;
  • product name localization (i.e. Link4 in China would rather be localized to Link8, because number 4 in China is associated with death and number 8 is considered a lucky one);
  • meetings with business partners.

If you are interested in translations not directly related to business services, check our non-commercial translations and publishing services here.

Tel: +48 33 482 00 89

(Translating at Polish-Chinese Business Forum in Beijing, 17 July 2015)