In order to perform product quality control, we need the client to provide detailed guidelines for given product, i.e. dimensions with tolerances, hardness, color according to pattern, material, type of tests etc.


  • Service 1500 RMB/day
  • Transportation (up to 4h – train, above 4h - plane), examples:
    • Beijing – Shenyang – train 261 RMB one way
    • Beijing – Shenzhen – plane – 1930 RMB one way
    • Beijing – Hefei (Anhui) – 1150 RMB
    • Beijing – Guangzhou – 1860 RMB
  • Hotel 500 RMB/night


We will book flights, hotels and any any other expenses only after confirmed down payment.
Above-mentioned prices are only guide prices and are subject to change depending on the date of booking. /w podane ceny są tylko i wyłącznie cenami orientacyjnymi i mogą ulec zmianie w zależności od daty wyjazdu czy też daty rezerwacji pokoju hotelowego/lotu. Binding prices will be provided to the client upon confirmed business schedule.

Tel: +48 33 482 00 89